You may have stumbled onto this blog by any number of searches or avenues of thought, but regardless of your journey, welcome.  The content of this locale stretches across various topics and I am certainly glad that you found your way into my little slice of randomness.  At closer observation, you might realize that there is actually a bit of method to my madness and may even choose to stay awhile.

As the first word of the title suggests, this blog will touch on aspects of Culture, and more specifically American Pop Culture that I find interesting, edifying, entertaining, or even disturbing.  And who am I that you might want to hear my point of view?  I’m a Gen-Xer who certainly has some thoughts on things of past, visions of the future, and most importantly, the reality of the present.  Some of the things that I enjoy might interest you as well, and hopefully this site can act as a sounding board that allows for some insight and engaging conversation.  What are some of these interests?  Movies, video games, television, philosophy, science (and science fiction), religion, parenting, politics, and current events.  Soo, no different than any of the other thousands of blogs out there, right?  Perhaps, but maybe the next two subtitles might help steer this along a different and more scenic route.  

I do see the world through a kaleidoscope of my Roman Catholic heritage.  I was not only raised Catholic, but also studied theology and served as an ordained priest in Southern California for about a decade.  After I left the priesthood, I jumped feet first into an instant family when I married an amazing woman with 4 incredible children.  We soon turned that number into 5 and continue this crazy adventure.  All the while, I’ve maintained this beautiful love/hate relationship with the Catholic Church.  Love, because I am firmly rooted in the teachings and beliefs of this great tradition.  Hate, or should I say issues that I am passionate about, because of the incredible immorality and small mindedness of so many Catholics (leaders and members) that have done so much harm throughout that same history that brought so many people joy.  I’ll touch on this in some articles but suffice to say that the Church is the People and we have certainly been home to countless saints as well as sinners.  But I get ahead of myself.  My point is that I will often bring aspects of my faith into my musings on various topics, which could very well be of interest to all people of faith.

Finally, I believe that we need some commentary on life that has a least a little bit of common sense, which is not as common as one might think.  So often I find stories in the news, tragic stories, that could have been resolved with only a little bit of common sense.  We live in a political time in which it seems that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.  Ideologies once considered fringe are now presented as mainstream and those who try to speak with any amount of reason are soundly shut down.  And I say this with equal frustration to both sides of the political spectrum.  I also feel this occurs in various other aspects of life, from church to social media.  I know that my point of view will differ from others but I welcome conversation and respectful discourse.  Also, while political commentary may make its way into this blog, it will mostly be in a tangential way as I like to keep the topics more lighthearted.  I enjoy life and welcome the opportunity to share my perspective with other open minded individuals. 

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